15 Ways to Wear the Pelham Scarf


Stuck in a stylish rut? We know how it is. A wardrobe full of clothes but alas, nothing to wear. A phrase we are all too familiar with. Therefore we decided to enroll our trusted scarf expert, blogger Jojo at Miss Jojangles to share with us her genius scarf wearing ways. Equipped with our 60th Anniversary Pelham Scarf, Jojo set on her way to showing us the various ways to wear and adorn your scarf. Be sure to take notes, it’s a gooden!

Over to Jojo..


Laura Ashley scarves are my one weakness. I have an ever growing collection of their new and vintage scarves, much thanks to my mother and grandmother for the retro ones! The Pelham print is my all time favourite (mug form, scarf form, all forms!). The pattern was created by Laura Ashley, 60 years ago, when she hand printed the design on her kitchen table. That super inspires me. To think of how big and successful her business is now and she started out in her own home bound studio. A girl can dream of doing the same, can’t she?

Pelham Bone China Mug / Silk Pelham Print Scarf (available in red and black)


This isn’t a recent obsession, however, I have long been a scarf lover ever since I was younger and used to dance in my bedroom to the Grease soundtrack with a neck scarf on. I’m acting like that still doesn’t happen. Over the years, I have developed many ways of getting the most wear out of these darlings. And I’m going to share them with you, because it’s Autumn. The season for scarves.

IMG_02891. This is my go-to way to wear a scarf. I often get referred to as Minnie Mouse when I wear my scarves like this. Fold the scarf multiple times until you get a long sausage. I tend to fold diagonally in half, then pull the point over to the straight edge once and then fold like you would a birthday card from then on. You might want to lean on a table for the folding process, this scarf tying is serious business.

Grab a hair bobble to get your hair out of your face, then tie the scarf around your head, first in a knot and then a bow. Release your hair and shake it about a bit then I tend to fasten the bow in place slightly to the side, but by all means go for the centre and really embrace your inner Minnie!


IMG_04492. Jazz up an old bag by tying the scarf onto the straps. Then strut.


IMG_01953.  The classic way. I used to sing in a choir when I was younger and we used to compete in competitions. The boys wore red ties and the girls all had matching red neck scarves. I quickly became the girl people came to when it came to the necktie tying. Always tied to the right-hand-side and with the tails pointed a right angles. I was very precise.


IMG_02014. Of course, this look is very air hostess. You’re exits are here, here and here.


IMG_03645. Inspired by A Beautiful Mess a few years back, fold the scarf into a sausage and place the centre of the strand in the middle of your forehead. Tie a knot by your ear and then plait your hair as you would for a usual side plait but using the scarf as the third strand. Fasten at the bottom with a bobble.


IMG_01846. For this style, simply tie your scarf around your ponytail’s bobble like you would a ribbon.


IMG_01577. Currently, this is one of my most popular scarf-wearing habits. The belt. Simple. Effective.


IMG_03938. As before, create a headband with the scarf and trap the ends in a bobble. Then tie in a bow.


IMG_05619.  Tie your hair in a messy bun, then with your scarf sausage, place the middle at the bottom of your head. Bring the two tails together at the front and cross them over so they look like two loops caught in each other, then bring back to the bottom of your bun and finally tie in a knot.


IMG_031810. The Sixties are one of my favourite eras, as you can probably tell from my fringe haircut. This is just a simple headband tied in a knot. You could tuck the tails in but I prefer to let them show.


IMG_045911. Tying a great big bow around a great big bun is my favourite.


IMG_051412. Sometimes, I twist the bow so it’s at the bottom of my bun and makes a train. Choo choo.


IMG_024813. This way of wearing a scarf is my mother’s go-to. That woman loves a polo neck and when she isn’t wearing one, she likes to make one out of a scarf. All you need to do is wrap the scarf around your neck many times and tuck the ends in at the back. You could do this with a long scarf too. I did it regularly last Winter when the Snood trend hit hard and heavy. Just safety pin the ends of a scarf together and bobs your uncle,  you’ve got yourself a Snood.


IMG_026414. Quick and easy as they come. Put scarf around neck. Tie a loose knot.


IMG_054315. Similar to number 13, just wrap the scarf around your head and tuck in the ends.


A massive thank you to Jojo, blogger at Miss Jojangles! We throughly enjoyed her post, very inspiring and it certainly gave us a good giggle.

The Pelham Print Scarf is available online here.

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