Home Grown: Kid’s Herb Garden

Dig into a flavorsome project for the whole family.

Make the most of the final days of summer and give growing your own herbs a try. Planting an herb garden is both fun and educational activity for kids of all ages. Perfect for testing your green thumb, herbs are easy to grow, require little care and can be kept indoors.

Did you know herbs have been used for thousands of years in cooking, perfumes and even medicines.

How to get started…

Inspired to try something new and to add a burst of home grown flavor to our lunch-time salads, the team here at Laura Ashley has set up their very own herb garden. Complete with our very own unique plant pots, we customized each pot with a fine coat of chalkboard paint to identify which herb was which!

With most herbs originating from the Mediterranean, herbs prefer a sunny position in well drained soil. You can grow herbs in any container, raised flower bed or dedicated veggie patch. It doesn’t matter whether you have a generous size garden, apartment balcony or interior window, as long as the herbs have sunny positioning in a sheltered spot.

Next it’s time to choose your herbs, there are many to choose from including the very fragrant lemon balm and the flavorsome rosemary, or if you’re short of time, cress germinates very quickly. We chose the herbs basil, parsley and coriander, a delicious garnish come dinner time…

Basil:  With a sweet, strong aroma and flavor, basil can be grown all year round on a sunny windowsill but flourished best outdoors in July and August. The perfect accomplice to pizza or tomato soup, keep basil fresh on hand or pop some in the freezer.

Parsley: Make sure to soak the seeds in warm water before you sow them. They will keep growing outdoors through early Autumn. Rich in vitamin C, Parsley enhances the flavor of foods especially when mixed with butter for jacket potatoes.

Coriander: Commonly chopped and added to curries, stews and salads, coriander needs plenty of sun to grow and with regular pinching of the leaves, it will continue to flourish all summer and indoors.

With our plant pots at the ready, we placed a handful of fresh soil in the pots careful not to compress the soil. With a sprinkling our chosen seeds, topped with another fine layer of soil, give your plant pots a light misting of water and settle down in a sunny spot. Make sure to water the plants every other day and it shouldn’t be long before you start to see the first green sprouts popping! If the weather is as gloriously hot as it has been, be sure to snip off any browning leaves and keep them hydrated — but be careful not to drown the pots or the seeds will rot.

When your herbs are finally grown, let your little ones snip off their garnishes and bring them into the kitchen for a cookery lesson. There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of growing something from scratch and reaping the rewards. We think DIY pizza topped with a hint of basil for an alfresco dinner feast sounds perfect!

Make sure you’ve the proper tools to tackle this and other projects in the garden. Peek at our garden tools and accessories here.


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