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Taking pride of place on our ever evolving shelf of craft tomes is new book Makery by Kate Smith. Ever since we stumbled across craft workshop The Makery in Bath, England, we’ve been avid fans of owner Kate’s craft prowess. Her gorgeous new book has over 30 projects for the home, to wear and to give; from knitted wrist warmers and crochet slippers to a lunch bag and hand-carved rubber stamps.

To give you a little taster of her craft wizardry, enjoy Makery’s Decoupage Tins & Pots make + do here on the Laura Ashley blog. Over to Kate…

I love arranging things! And what better receptacles than these tins. You can make a set for your crafty bits, another for your kitchen, and one for your stationery. Choose a selection of tins and pots – the sort that you don’t need to open with a can-opener so there are no sharp edges.


One of the faster projects, this should be do-able in an afternoon.



Tins and pots, cleaned thoroughly

Paper (we’ve used vintage maps and music manuscript but you could even use left over swatches of Laura Ashley wallpaper )

Decoupage all-in-one glue and sealer, such as Mod Podge matt

Spray adhesive




Tape measure



Paintbrush: 1cm (¼ in) diameter or smaller


Measure up your covering papers:

1. Take a pot and, using the ruler, measure the precise height of the side. If there is a slight lip at the top and bottom, ensure your measurements start and finish within the lip. Note down the measurement – this becomes your template height. (See image below.)

figure-12. Wrap the tape measure around the circumference of the tin. Add 1cm (¼in) to this measurement and note it down – this becomes your template width.

3. Take your chosen paper. Using the pencil and ruler, carefully draw a rectangle according to your height and width. Cut out the rectangle. The more accurate you are, the neater the finish will be. If you need to cut multiple pieces of paper to make up the size, that’s fine – you can layer the paper.


Glue and seal your tins:

1. Paint the surface of the tin with glue/sealer, ensuring a thin, even coat.

2. Carefully place the paper on top and smooth it out using your fingers. Apply more glue/sealer to the overlap, to glue it down. Leave the glued paper to dry for around 20 minutes. (Put the brush in water immediately after use, so that it doesn’t dry and harden.)

3. You can leave your tins at that if you would prefer a rustic look. For a more hardwearing finish, apply more coats of glue/ sealer on top of the paper. You need to keep the coats thin and even and allow each one to dry before applying the next.

4. If you find the paper starts to wrinkle when you apply the top coats, which can happen with poor-quality paper, start again and spray the paper with adhesive before you stick it. Or simply leave your decoupage tin without a top coat.

makery-bookMakery by Kate Smith, published by Mitchell Beazley

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