Make & Do: Make Aviary Garden Pen Pal Cards

AG-Hero-680x445Perfect for sending a little note to a loved one or old friend, try your hand at crafting these enchanting Aviary Garden cards…


Earlier this week we touched on the romance and nostalgia of putting pen to paper once more, sharing a crafty tutorial on how to create your very own elegant envelopes. Inspired once again by our enchanting Aviary Garden print, we tapped into out crafty side and created these adorable cards featuring the whimsical bird and leaf pattern.


Should you look a little closer at the card design, you will notice the 3D effect of bird and berries popping off the card! Ideal for crafting beginners, the design is very simple to re-create , although we think it looks very impressive indeed!

You will need:
Aviary Garden Wallpaper
A blank card
Glue Stick
Glue crafting foam pads (extra small dots)
Blue tack


1. Taking your roll of Aviary Garden wallpaper, choose a section of the print that you would like to feature on the front of your card. Carefully trim around the pattern, making sure to include the greenery and leaf design.



2. Laying your print cut-out on top of your blank card, take time to play around and position your design. Then take a small amount of blue tack and attach the print and card together, this will keep the design in place whilst you trim the excess wallpaper around the card.



3. Now it’s time to glue your print onto the card. Using your glue stick, take care not to bend any of the cut-out and slowly smooth to prevent any wrinkles.



4. For the fun 3D effect, choose which parts of the design you would like to ‘pop’ out. We decided to focus on the bird and a few of the berries dotted around him. Rolling out our wallpaper, we searched for the duplicate print and ever so carefully cut out the same design.




5. Then we used the very clever sticky foam pads to attach the extra pieces directly on top of the original print, very easy to achieve – make sure you stick enough dots on the bird to ensure it attaches well. All that’s left to do is pick the lucky lady or gent to receive your hand-made creation!



We hope you enjoyed our Aviary Garden cards tutorial, we think it’s such a beautiful way to keep in touch with old friends – so much so, we can’t wait to try our hands at crafting other noteletts with the likes of our Summer Palace and Elveden prints!

We would love to see a snap of your crafty creations using our Laura Ashley fabrics and wallpapers, don’t forget to tweet us at @LauraAshleyUSA.

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