Welcome guests home this Thanksgiving

Since it is the Season of Thanks, we want to thank you for being a part of our Laura Ashley family. It means so much to us to see generations growing up in Laura Ashley dresses and know that our Laura Ashley wallpapers, fabrics, bedding and more have provided the backdrop to your beautiful life.  

Set of 4 Red Wine Glass Sets

Laura Ashley herself once said, “The way you live affects what you do.”  So, this Thanksgiving, we want to inspire gratitude. Since it is a time to come together, enjoy good food, and create memories that will last a lifetime, this is the perfect holiday to show those we love how thankful we are for them.

Laura Ashley Blueprint Collection Dinnerware

Here are simple tips to make this Thanksgiving a little more beautiful and make sure your guests feel welcome and appreciated.

Create a cosy guest room: Make your guests feel loved with a welcoming guest room and a comfortable place to sleep. @madisonhbritt has an excellent formula for the perfect guest space. Start with a vintage-inspired Laura Ashley quilt set like our Walled Garden Blue Quilt Set quilt. Make sure you provide small luxuries like fresh flowers, a reading lamp and tissues by the bed, stock up on extra blankets and pillows, and provide fresh towels and toiletries to ensure they have everything they need.

Walled Garden Blue Quilt Set

Usher in happy hour: Part of being grateful is also being happy. So embrace happy hour with family and friends. It doesn’t need to be complicated; a simple cheese board is typical of the English countryside. Also, be sure to have wine glasses to toast the season and remember to express your gratitude for those present and show them how thankful you are for their company.

Set of 4 White Wine Glass Sets

Make your guests feel at home: Since the holidays can be busy, provide guests with time to sleep in to get the rest and relaxation they need. Make the bed so comfortable they won’t leave your home exhausted and provide an extra quilt for cold nights. Even small children think super soft quilts are essential for a good night’s sleep, like @itskaralayne

Bedford Mocha Quilt Set

Bedford Mocha Quilt Set

Set a beautiful table: Using Laura Ashley dishware and wine glasses is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your table. Make sure to incorporate fall colours, a special tablecloth, fresh flowers in dusty shades, and plenty of candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Laura Ashley Stockbridge Collection

Pick plates with personality: Plain plates are a thing of the past. The trick to setting a memorable tablescape is to choose plates with pretty patterns, such as ditsy florals in subtle hues or stunning peacocks among nature’s foliage. The best entertainers know that having enough dishes for every course is essential. So be sure to plan ahead if you are including soup, salad, a main course, and dessert

Laura Ashley Artisan Dinnerware Collection

Create a signature cocktail or mocktail: We are fans of going the extra mile when it comes to entertaining. Make every moment memorable. Even if you have sparkling water, use your special glassware, like our newly launched handcrafted glassware, and infuse even the simplest drinks with garnishes such as rosemary or slices of grapefruit to make them feel holiday-ready.

Clear Set of 4 Balloon Glass Set

Perfect the powder room: @ardeninteriors knows how to create a gorgeous guest bathroom that is both functional and pretty. Guests want to be wowed in this small space, so use wallpaper to make a big statement.  Make sure there is good lighting, pretty hand wash containers and towels, and a great smelling diffuser, as well as flowers or plants to layer in personality.  

Elderwood Steel Wallpaper

Elderwood Steel Wallpaper

Set up a super start to the day: Dinner isn’t the only meal on Thanksgiving, but don’t feel like you have to make a complicated breakfast. Keep it simple and sophisticated with a coffee and tea station with all the essentials, including creamer, sugar, teapots, tea bags and mugs, and a pastry platter with extra plates so guests can help themselves when they wake up. 

Laura Ashley Heritage Collection Dinnerware
Laura Ashley Blueprint Collection Dinnerware

Entertain your guests throughout their stay: Plan fun activities, such as a game night or movie marathon, to keep everyone engaged and having fun. If you have little ones joining you this Thanksgiving, we love to provide them with an extra special surprise at their place setting. A small stuffed animal tucked in the dishware or sitting at their seat will surprise them with delight.  

Laura Ashley Glassware Collection

Take time to reflect: Channel @madisonhbritt and carve out time for yourself. Enjoy a cup of tea and journal or read. Even if it is a few moments in the morning or afternoon before the schedule gets too busy, recharging your batteries with a bit of downtime is important.

We are wishing you the most magical Thanksgiving filled with those you love! We appreciate you and thank you for being a part of our Laura Ashley family for the last 70 years.  

Tell us about your Thanksgiving plans by commenting below. We would also love to see how you created a warm and welcoming Thanksgiving environment that your guests will never forget. So tag us at @lauraashleyusa or use the hashtag #lauraashleyusa.

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