How to choose artwork for every room of your home.

Wall art is an opportunity for self-expression. It doesn’t matter if you are drawn to bold or subtle, abstracts or landscapes, rustic or sophisticated. When it comes to the artwork in your home, make it personal. 

Our number one rule is always to choose art you are naturally drawn to. But if you are still unsure of how to decide on artwork for each room of your home, here are our simple tips to give you the confidence to buy what you love and find a place for it. 

Laura Ashley Wall Art

Dining rooms are an opportunity to go bold.  Some interior designers like to start with the art and then build the room around it. Not only does it set the tone but it also gives you an instant palette. 

Woodland Walk Printed Canvas Wall Art

Spring Blossoms Printed Canvas Wall Art

For any room of the house, wallpaper is always a great backdrop for art. For an unexpected twist, pair art with wallpaper. Mixing art and wallpaper offers a warmth that can’t be replicated and adds loads of personality. 

Rosemore Framed Print Wall Art

Don’t be afraid to hang art on wallpaper, but if you don’t want to damage the wallpaper or commit to hanging art with a nail, try peel-and-stick adhesive stripes designed specifically for hanging artwork.

Tapestry Floral Framed Canvas Wall Art

If there is a fireplace in the room, there should be art. Make any room more finished with artwork above the fireplace. Since most fireplaces are the focal point of the room, your art will take center stage.  

Abstract Canvas Printed Canvas Wall Art

Art in the Kitchen? Yes! One of our favourite and unexpected places to feature art is in the kitchen. Art with pops of colour and a subject matter that you love will bring you joy as you cook. Hang it on the wall or display it on the counter using an art stand. Just don’t hang above the stove because the oil and heat aren’t good for art. 

Allium Blooms Framed Print Wall Art

The entryway is the perfect place to make an impression.  A well-styled entry is welcoming. Create a special connection with your guests right when they enter your home. If your ceilings aren’t tall, add height by choosing vertical art instead of horizontal to draw the eye upward.  

Belvedere Framed Canvas Wall Art | Roisin Framed Print Seaspray

Take advantage of large living room walls for a gallery wall. Wall space is important to consider when designing a room. Living rooms often have large walls and are a great location for a gallery wall. To get it right, vary the subject matter, style, and size of the art, or take the guesswork out of it by choosing art already in sets of three. 

Wisteria Garden Printed Canvas Wall Art Set of 3

Parterre Framed Canvas Wall Art Set of 3

Bedrooms are a place for calm, nurturing palettes and art is no exception. When choosing art for the bedroom, consider style, colour and subject matter. Bedrooms call for art that makes you feel good when you wake up and peaceful when you slip into bed at night. 

Roisin Framed Print Pale Amethyst | Rose Bouquet Vase Framed Floating Canvas Wall Art

Bathrooms are not a spot to ignore. Start a conversation in your guest bathroom with interesting artwork or brighten any bath with stunning and decorative pieces to make it feel more like a spa.  

Picardie Framed Print Sage

Add charming artwork in nurseries. For nurseries, we love a subject matter that kids will love but also grow with them.  Bunnies and birds offer a charming subject matter ideal for spaces for the littlest ones in the family. If you choose art that is timeless and not too childish, you will always have a place for it even as they grow.   

Country Hare Framed Print Wall Art

Elderwood Framed Floating Canvas Wall Art Set of 2

Family rooms are ideal for showcasing your interests. Family rooms are a chance to make it personal by featuring art that highlights your interests. Invest in pieces that remind you of a vacation spot, a hobby, or a subject matter you adore and you will be sure to love the art for years to come. 

Cromer Printed Canvas Wall Art

Lynmouth Printed Canvas Wall Art

Don’t overlook nooks. Not every space calls for art to be front and center. If you want to add dramatic flair or want harmonious ambiance, unused wall space in a small room adds a visual impact.

Pussy Willow In Vase Framed Print Wall Art
Roisin Framed Print Natural

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