For a fresh sophisticated style, it’s time to re-think pink

We are here to let you in on a designer secret. Pink, from blush tones to rosy hues, is one of the most versatile colours in home decor

Rosanna Blush Cushion | Nigella Pistachio Velvet Cushion | Eglantine Eau De Nil Cushion

Warm and inviting, not to mention romantic and sophisticated, pink is no longer reserved for little girls’ rooms.

Parterre Blush Fabric | Parterre Sage Wallpaper
Dylan Hedgerow Check Throw | Easton Duck Egg Upholstery Fabric

Interior designers love the hue because it not only makes a rich statement but also makes everyone in the room look good because pinks flatter the skin tone.

Scarborough Fair Duvet Cover Set | Scarborough Fair Blush Cushion |Payton Silver Throw

With Millenial Pink to the current Barbiecore trend, pink hues are having a moment, and it is time to give it a try. Here are our tips for decorating with pink like a pro.

Soft pink is an interesting alternative to beige: Pinks in soft subtle shades envelope a room in a warmth that is not only interesting but also nurturing and tranquil.

Eglantine Silhouette Blush Wallpaper

Pink-on-pink prints up the personality: Picturesque prints that feature a variety of different pinks not only saturate the room with colour but also sways the design toward femininity and strength. 

Birtle Blush Wallpaper

Find a flowery finish: Add a hint of pink if you aren’t ready for an all-over look. Find a floral wallpaper featuring a pink flower. The pink print will add a bit of cheer to any room by bringing the outdoors indoors. 

Charlotte Coral Pink Wallpaper

Preferred pinks give an air of richness:Beautifully sophisticated, blush tones in dusty hues elevate any room. The complexity of the colour is well suited to welcome guests in the entryway, soothing enough for bedrooms and inviting in living rooms.

Redbrook Wood Panel Blush Wallpaper

Subtle blush tones are sophisticated:  Opt for blush tones if you want to create a sophisticated living room or bedroom. The dusty pink shade whispers warmth and adds a glow to any room of the house. Elegant floral wallpaper and murals with formal designs can also help establish the sophisticated nature of the design.  

Eglantine Mural | Eglantine Blush Wallpaper

Combine pinks with punchy patterns: If you aren’t ready to commit to an all-over pink, pair pink accessories in the form of mix and match cushions or wall art and pair with fun prints and patterns in complementary colours such as blues. 

Portia Seaspray Embroidered Cushion | Alfriston Check Dark Seaspray Feather Cushion

Tapestry Floral Framed Canvas Wall Art | Heraldic Damask Dusky Seaspray Wallpaper

Pick pinks with a light touch:Channel softness and innocence with delicate pastel pinks. Ideal for a bedroom, light pink feels fresh and has a rejuvenated spirit. 

Picardie Petal Duvet Cover Set |Payton Dark Blush Throw
Becky Floral Wreath Cushion | Rosanna Blush Cushion

Pinks don’t always have to make a bold statement: Balancing sophistication and charm with a note of pink is easy to do with accessories and home decor. If you are looking for easy ideas, place a pink quilt at the foot of the bed, add a pink throw pillow to a sofa, chair or bed, or use a pink tieback for your window treatments.

Rosanna Blush Cushion | Emma Seersucker Duvet Cover Set | Theodora Tieback Blush

Bright pink is the luxury moment you might need now: Is your room lacking a pop of personality? Bright pinks are a statement-making moment for any room. The sophisticated colour feels especially fresh when it is blooming. 

Lidia Quilt Set

Strike a compromise:For an out-of-the-ordinary, unexpected twist, strike a balance and choose a pink stripe wallpaper or fabric. The masculine stripes will balance the feminine pink and provide a great neutral print that pairs well with other colours and designs. 

Eglantine Smoke Green Fabric |Burnsall Stripe Mulberry Fabric
Heacham Stripe Blush Wallpaper

No two shades of pink are alike: Because pinks run the gamut from bright to soft, the colour also looks great with every kind of decor from country charm to sophisticated modern. Washed-out pinks in floral prints have been a tried and true pattern for farmhouse style for decades.  

Breezy Floral Ping and Green Quilt Set

Sage green and pink always pair well:  Combining pinks with sage green feels worldly. The colour combination helps ground a pink room and keeps the palette from feeling overwhelming.

Eglantine Rose Duvet Cover Set

Whether you decide a pop of pink or wall-to-wall pink is your style, we think pink is one of the loveliest colours and hope you give it a try. 

Do you love bright pink, pastel shades or dusty hues? Tell us what your favourite pink is below or tag us @lauraashleyusa or use the hashtag #lauraashleyusa.

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