Laura Ashley once said, “We believe that those making a new home today feel the need to have links with the past.”  As we begin a new year, we’re looking back at 2019 in delight, and we thank you for sharing so many wonderful moments with us.

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Our homes are the backdrop to the memories made with the people we love, connecting generations. There are so many warm memories of our family members that are tied to the colour of a room or a favourite piece of furniture.

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That link to the past doesn’t stop at our homes, fashion plays a big role in your memories too. How many of you remember wearing Laura Ashley’s famous “mommy and me” dresses for a special occasion?

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For those of us at Laura Ashley, we are so grateful that for more than 65-years you’ve allowed us to be a part of your life.  We are humbled that you’ve invited us in and made us a part of your family. We hope you know that you are part of our family too.

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We love seeing your pets napping on our rugs, your babies cuddled up in our onesies, your kids playing outside in our rain boots, and of course, that time when you and your mini-me jumped on the bed in your matching PJs.  We are honoured that you have chosen our sheets to sleep in, that you make every meal in your kitchen tiled in Laura Ashley, that you set the table with a mix of vintage Laura Ashley china and new Laura Ashley fabric, and not to mention that you nested while pregnant turning your home into a winter wonderland with our cushions.

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We couldn’t get enough of the Laura Ashley & Urban Outfitters fashion collaboration photos that you shared with us from around the world.  But we also love all of the nostalgia you had for vintage Laura Ashley clothing, fabric and wallpaper. 

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Nothing makes us happier!  

We are delightfully thankful for an amazing year and that is all thanks to you!

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