Laura Ashley X Evite Invitations For Every Occasion

Celebrating significant moments is an essential ingredient for a beautiful life. We love to host special parties to welcome babies, honour a loved one’s birthday, or shower a new bride-to-be. 

Dinnerware and glassware by Laura Ashley
(Photo Credit: Lele Fain Photography @lelefainphoto, FLWR Shop @flwrshop
Blooming Kupcakes @bloomingkupcakes, Miss Souther Social @mrssouthernsocial)

To help commemorate life’s special moments, we created a Laura Ashley invitation collection available on Evite so you can host fun events for friends and family.

Laura Ashley Invitations and Announcements (Priory)

The invitation collection features designs from our extensive archive of prints and patterns that convey a romantic and whimsical style, which pairs perfectly with wedding-related events, dinner parties and baby and bridal showers. 

Blueprint Collection Dinnerware

Personalizing your invitations and creating a cohesive theme throughout the party is simple with our party personalization must-haves. 

Decide on a theme to make the party memorable: A theme will help guide your choices for decorations, food, and activities. It can be as simple as a colour repeated from the invitations to the tableware or more detailed depending on the occasion. If you love the romantic country look, opt for a floral feminine theme that you can carry through from the invitations to the floral arrangements.

Dinnerware and glassware by Laura Ashley
(Credit: Lele Fain Photography @lelefainphoto, FLWR Shop @flwrshop
Blooming Kupcakes @bloomingkupcakes, Miss Souther Social @mrssouthernsocial)

Country Roses Evite | Clear Set of 4 Balloon Glass Set | Sweet Elegance Garden Roses
Sweet Rocket Bouquet | Clear Glass Pitcher | Country Roses Old Rose Pink Wallpaper

Choose invitations that reflect the style of the party: Choosing the proper invitation is one of the most important steps in creating a personalized party. Whether planning a birthday celebration, a baby shower, or a wedding, select a pretty invitation you can personalize to make your event feel special and unique. Consider the theme of your party. You’ll want to choose an invitation that reflects your event’s overall style and mood. For example, if you’re hosting a garden wedding or bridal shower, you’ll likely want an elegant, sophisticated invitation filled with flowers.

Dinnerware and glassware by Laura Ashley
(Photo Credit: Lele Fain Photography @lelefainphoto, FLWR Shop @flwrshop
Blooming Kupcakes @bloomingkupcakes, Miss Souther Social @mrssouthernsocial)

Laura Ashley Rye Sage Green Evite | Rye Sage Green Wallpaper
Winter Whites Bouquet | Laura Ashley Pointon Fields Evite | Artisans Dinnerware

Include unexpected elements: Add an element of surprise and delight for your guests. When you plan a party, there are certain elements that guests will expect, but to create a truly memorable experience, add a twist to the decor to create a sense of excitement. One of our favourite ways to bring in this unexpected element is to use a quilt as a tablecloth. The pretty patterns help define the dining space and give an unexpected, cosy feel to the dining experience. 

Laura Ashley Ancroft Evite | Pettywell 24 Garden Roses Bouquet | Artisans Dinnerware
Clear Set of 4 White Wine Glass Set | Lidia Quilt Set |Clear Set of 4 Champagne Glass Set

Set a memorable table: Use your special glassware and dishes. Pull out all of the stops and add fresh flowers. We also love a water pitcher infused with mint or citrus for the table. When you take the time to create a beautiful and personalized table setting, it shows your guests that you care about their experience and have put thought and effort into creating a special moment for them. A memorable table setting can set the tone for the entire event, whether a formal dinner party or a casual brunch with friends.

Laura Ashley Ribbon Check Evite | Heritage Collection Elveden White Teapot
Ena’s Garden 12 Garden Roses Bouquet | Green Glass Pitcher | Laura Ashley Priory Evite

Be bold: Some of the most memorable parties are where the host takes a chance. A simple way to make an instant impact is to choose deep, rich colours for everything from the invitation to the flowers to the party decor. 

Heritage Collection Dinnerware | Rosalie Garden Bouquet 
Laura Ashley: Diamond Flower Triangle Trellis | Silchester Midnight Seaspray Wallpaper

Personalize your invitations: Look for invitations that allow you to customize the text, font, and colour scheme. This will allow you to add your personal touch to the invitation and make it feel truly unique. Evite makes personalizing your invitations so simple they look like a professional created them for you. 

Blueprint Collection Dinnerware | Laura Ashley Blue Evite | Whitebrook Seaspray Wallpaper
Winter Whites Bouquet | China Rose Jug Kettle

Experiment with unexpected twists: Did you know that wallpaper can be a secret tool for creating unique and personalized parties? There are so many amazing prints to choose from that can complement or match your invitation and carry the theme throughout. Wallpaper is heavy-duty enough to be a great runner on the table and can also be ideal for wrapping gifts.

Dinnerware and glassware by Laura Ashley
(Photo Credit: Lele Fain Photography @lelefainphoto, FLWR Shop @flwrshop
Blooming Kupcakes @bloomingkupcakes, Miss Souther Social @mrssouthernsocial)

Laura Ashley: Nolita | Ryhall 24 Garden Roses Bouquet | Daisy Purple Wallpaper
Burnham Fern Wallpaper | Laura Ashley Meadow Evite | Green Set of 4 Balloon Glass Set

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