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Recently, we helped new mom Brittany Ashmore from The Ashmores Blog, refresh her bedroom with a simple but stylish use of white. Here’s an excerpt from her blog:

“I’ve been wanting to transform our home a little bit by adding little things here and there.  Whenever I go through a new season I always have the urge to purge and redecorate! That’s just what I did. I’ve felt our room is a little dark with so much brown furniture so I added some white touches with a new quilted comforter from Laura Ashley! I love all of the white on the bed! This is not something I am used to. I have always been about adding color to my decor but I love how clean the white looks!”

 We were so inspired by her subtle makeover that we wanted to share some tips for simple ways to change your bedding and still have it be the focal point of the bedroom.

‘White’ on Trend

While every season has signature colours and prints, basic bright white has been in demand this spring and summer. The calmness of a crisp, clean, white bedroom is instantly soothing when walking in from a chaotic day.  Although the colour may be monochrome, the intricate details are what set our bedding apart. Here are two of our favorite all white sets:

If going all white is too stark for you, try a white comforter or quilt, but use a pop of colour with your shams or decorative cushions. Choose from classic prints or striking solids.

And if just a hint of colour is what you need, we offer basic bedding pillows adorned with soft prints. Our Ava pillows are offered in king, jumbo or body size with various densities. All sizes offered with the Ava print come in yellow, blue or purple.

Or mix and match with basic white and prints!

Whichever look you choose, Laura Ashley can help complement your style!

View our entire bedding collection here.

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