Big Kids: Creating a Room That Fits

Blue Whales Bedset | Harry Cushion | Blue Whales Ceiling Shade | Oxford Check Blue Ready Made Blackout Curtains

The thought of transitioning a nursery to a toddler room can be overwhelming for some. Especially for mums of boys who, much to their dismay, must forgo sweet and softer playthings for chunky toys and super heroes. So how do you create a space that suits a big bold personality and a sweet little soul? Follow along as one of our favourite contributors curates a room that suits both mum and her 3 year old fellow.

1. Upgrade furniture and storage.

First, donate or consign the crib and changing table and replace them with furniture that can grow with your child. Mixed pieces of furniture work well together in kids’ rooms giving it the informal feel they are meant to have. In this makeover, the crib is exchanged for a Jenny Lind style bed handed down from the great grandmother, and our mum picked up this chest and nightstand on a rummage sale website. She stained it a beautiful blue grey for a fresh update.


The chest has deep drawers for all his little wares and the nightstand a spot to tuck his favourite books and toys.

Here’s a snap of everything our mum used to makeover her furniture finds. Of course, you may substitute sandpaper and good ole fashioned elbow grease for the electric sander, and you may also choose to finish your piece with a varnish.



Our mum prefers staining to painting as it can be a bit more forgiving of your brush strokes. Do not be dismayed by the extra step in staining– wiping off the excess stain allows the beauty of the grain to show. 



2. Choose a fresh set of linens

Creating a spot for both sweet dreams and big adventures is priority for this mum. She selected the Blue Whales Bedset which celebrates the child’s love of the ocean with fun watercolour illustrations of whales, jelly fish and sea turtles. She layered in a pop of colour with the bright red blanket near the foot of the bed and introduced additional pattern with the Harry Cushion.

Blue Whales Bedset | Harry Cushion | Blue Whales Ceiling Shade

The room’s single window is framed beautifully in the Oxford Check Ready Made Curtains—a fine pair of blackout panels in a classic over-sized check is a worthy investment!

3. Accessorize!  Add in keepsakes, toys & books

A room really comes together with art and accessories. Gather and layer in a selection of art, décor, pillows and books that compliment your linens in colours and theme…

Oxford Check Blue Ready Made Blackout Curtains

Here an old lamp is given new life with a fresh coat of glossy paint. Topped with the Whales Shade, a wood letter, a few toys and books, this nightstand becomes a charming spot for the child’s treasures to land.

Blue Whales Ceiling Shade


A large blank wall above the chest calls for a statement and our mum chose to create a nautical themed gallery in lieu of a large piece of art. She first laid out her décor options on the floor within dimensions equal to the measurements of the wall space. Her process: Add, take away and move pieces around until you find balance and a nice mix of size, colour and texture. To hang, start with your largest piece. Try taping a paper template to the wall first so you find just the right spot!


Blue Whales Bedset | Harry Cushion | Blue Whales Ceiling Shade | Oxford Check Blue Ready Made Blackout Curtains

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