A Handmade Touch: DIY Wedding Place Settings

What could be more beautiful than a handmade wedding? A wonderful way to bring a heart-felt personal touch to your big day, it’s thriftiness will not only help you save a few pennies but tapping into your crafty side and getting everyone involved is definitely a fun way to kick start the wedding countdown!

Calling upon expert stylist and crafty blogger Soumya, say ‘I do’ to her brilliant series of wedding make & do’s with her easy-to-follow tutorials and brilliant ideas that certainly offer the perfect finishing touch to your special day. Kicking off this crafty venture, read on to discover how to recreate these fancy floral place settings that are sure to impress your guests!

I’m a huge believer in adding personal touches to your weddings for the simple fact that it makes your day unique and different from the rest. And it’s your chance to add your personality and flair which your guests will totally appreciate too. One of my favourite wedding DIY elements are the place settings, which brings fun, creativity, edge, style and an overall different dimension to your tables. I’ve decided to create some floral pieces made out of bright coloured wallpaper that double up as a napkin holder and place setting.

You will need:


Wallpaper:  I used Mr Jones , Spring Trail Duck Egg and Poppy Meadow Primrose.

Circular punches or anything to use as a circular template


Florist wire and tape (these come in different colours)

Wire cutters

PVA glue or hot gun

beads or buttons



1) You want to start by making the stalks of the flowers so take your florist wire and cut 16 inches in length for each stalk. They will be doubled in the next step so don’t fret!


2) Take your bead or button, which will become the center or eye of your flower, and string through the wire until it’s roughly in the middle.



3) Double up the wire and twist the ends to create a nice stiff stem.


4) Use the florist tape and wrap the wire entirely, starting from the base of the bead/button to the ends. Repeat this process to all your stems and leave them aside. You can get florist tape in different colours so if you don’t want them to be green, you can get craft brown, white and even gold.


5) Now, pick out your chosen wallpaper and start by cutting out a bunch of circles, ranging from small to medium size, so about 1.5 to 2.5 inches in width. These will become the petals to your wallpaper roses.



6) Take the smallest circle and roll it into a cone-like shape, gluing the edges down with a bit of glue. Make sure you’re able to still thread your stem through so that the bead sits nicely in the centre of rolled up piece. Repeat this with all your flowers.



7) Now start layering the ‘petals’ and molding them into shape so it takes on the form of a rose, starting with the small circles and moving onto the medium sized ones for the last layer. You will need roughly 8-12 small pieces to build up the bud and 4 medium for the outer petals. However, feel free to choose how big you want to make your flowers.



8) Once all the roses are made, bend the stem into a circle which should roughly be about 2 inches in width. You can then place these around your napkin and add your hand-lettered name tags to create a beautiful place setting to your tables. If you don’t like the look of the florist tape, you can cover this up with some twine for a more organic and rustic look.

And there you have it! It may look like a lot of work, but the process is in fact rather therapeutic and if you are worried about making 50-100 of these yourself, then they would be perfect little projects for a craft party you can have with your bridesmaids and friends. Each rose, including the drying time, takes roughly 15 minutes as long as you have all the elements cut and ready to go. The results are so worth it!

If you’re in the throws of planning your dream wedding, stay tuned for more of Soumya’s crafting tutorials. In the mean time, hop on over to her blog Made by Molu for more of her styling expertise and crafty projects, we can’t get enough of her genius make & do ideas!

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