Whether you’re making a few or a few hundred, we have a simple template for making face masks to wear or donate.

In today’s world of social distancing, how can we protect ourselves and our loved ones? In order to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends all Americans wear face masks while in public. While working remotely our team has jumped in to help make non-medical grade face masks to aid local hospitals and other essential workers. We’ve created an easy template to follow so that you can make your own masks with Laura Ashley fabric or other material you have around the house.


  • Cotton fabric, pre-washed and shrunk in a high heat dryer. The tighter the weave, the better.
  • Elastic
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine


  • Cut 2 pieces of fabric 19 cm x 20 cm (7 ½ in x 7 ¾ in)
  • Cut 2 pieces of elastic, each 20 cm long  (7 ¾ in)
  • Lay one piece of fabric, good side up
  • On each side, mark 1 cm (¼ in) down from the top and up from the bottom for placement of the elastic
  • Pin the elastic in place
  • Place the second piece of fabric, good side down, on top of the other
  • Pin both together
  • Mark the top of the mask
  • Make sure to keep a small 8 cm (3 in) wide opening at the top
  • Mark 1 cm (¼ in) seam allowance around the square
  • Sew all around, ensuring to leave the opening at the top
  • Cut off the excess fabric in the corners
  • Turn right side out
  • Use a pencil to make sure your corners are crisp
  • Iron both sides
  • Use the below template indicating where to mark with pins for the fold lines
  • Fold all three folds, and pin in place using the arrows to show you the direction of the fold
  • Iron
  • Sew around all sides, staying as close to the edge as possible

Please ensure your mask fits snugly against the side of your face. It should be secured at the ears and allow you to breathe without restrictions. Since these masks are made from cotton, they can be laundered and machine dried. As always, keep away from small children since this is not intended as a toy.


If you have the opportunity and cotton fabric and elastic, please consider making masks to donate to essential workers in your city. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy!