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Tulips China Blue Wallpaper

Laura and Bernard Ashley began printing textiles and scarves at their kitchen table 70 years ago. That same drive to celebrate prints and patterns is at the heart of the new wallpaper collection as we celebrate our Platinum Anniversary. 

Tulips China Blue Wallpaper | Tulips China Blue Duvet Cover Set

Interior designers and DIY-ers agree that nothing can change a room’s energy and design aesthetic like wallpaper. Covering a room in prints can help create a focal point, highlight architecture, make a room feel larger or add drama to even the smallest of spaces. 

Gilly Multicolour Wallpaper

Explore our new 70th Anniversary Wallpaper collection, which includes heritage prints uncovered from the nearly 100,000 piece archives that preserve pieces of unique artwork, textiles and treasures, and see how easy it is to decorate with wallpaper. 

Decorate with joy-filled colours: Don’t play it safe when filling rooms with joy and optimism. Instead, embrace colour that inspires happiness. As Architectural Digest reported, poetic blossoms are trending this year and will be reflected in home decor. There is no better example of joy-filled florals than the Tulips China Blue Wallpaper, which was inspired by a painted artwork found in the Laura Ashley archive and offers a fresh pop of spring with mixed tulips and daffodils, or the Gilly Multicolour Wallpaper, a charming line-drawn design featuring an abundance of stylised dahlias, daffodils and delphiniums with delicate butterflies. 

Laura Ashley’s nostalgic Tulips print from the early 90s has been resized and re-coloured in a fresh palette and if you love the Tulips China Blue Wallpaper, you will love our coordinating bedding set in the same print. 

Brighten rooms with subtle sunny yellows: Yellow radiates optimism and has been a colour that the Laura Ashley team has counted on when a room needs to be a tad brighter. Stay away from harsh yellows that are too bright, and instead choose warmer, subtle yellow tones to help let the light in. To help make choosing the right yellow wallpaper a breeze, consider Wickerwork Pale Ochre Yellow Wallpaper, a small-scale geometric print, or the Wood Violet Ochre Yellow Wallpaper, a naturalistic print originally added to the archive as a fabric sample in 1981 and features small flower sprigs in a repeat pattern.

Wood Violet Ochre Yellow Wallpaper | Wickerwork Pale Ochre Yellow Wallpaper

Bring nature’s colours in through grounding greens: Apolline Jade Green Wallpaper and Rye Sage Green Wallpaper are great examples of how sophisticated greens can change the mood of any room into a calming and sophisticated sanctuary. An archive print, Apolline is a classic ornate damask print that is a botanical dream, while Rye print is a charismatic and pretty floral monoprint inspired by a wallpaper held in the Laura Ashley archive. 

Apolline Jade Green Wallpaper | Rye Sage Green Wallpaper

Do deep blues: We love the simple monotone print in the Rye Midinight Seaspray Blue Wallpaper. The classic midnight blue and white combination is full of personality and drama but in a versatile aesthetic ideal for guest bedrooms, bathrooms and teen rooms where personality reigns. Perfect for those who love the formal Regency-core aesthetic, the romantic damask print featured in the Tregaron Midnight Blue Wallpaper offers a more refined look inspired by French classical tonal designs with sophisticated cranes dancing among the scrolling stylised leaves and flowers. 

Tregaron Midnight Blue Wallpaper |Rye Midnight Seaspray Blue Wallpaper

Leaf-inspired wallpapers are a must-do: Over our 70-year history, Laura Ashley has found that fans of the brand love a leaf design in addition to floral prints. Simplistic but still complicated thanks to nature’s beauty, leaves were the inspiration for the Mari Gold Wallpaper and the Apollline Dove Grey Wallpaper. Offering a country aesthetic inspired by painted artwork added to the Laura Ashley archive in 2006, Mari Gold Wallpaper’s large-scale leaf motif and naturalistic design is an excellent choice for those who love a timeless rustic style. At the same time, the Apollline Dove Grey Wallpaper is a top design for those who desire a more formal style. The ornate damask print features a timeless botanical design that would look great in a bedroom, dining room, study or guest bath. 

Mari Gold Wallpaper | Apolline Dove Grey Wallpaper

Go geometric: Even though Laura Ashley is known for floral prints, one of Mrs. Ashley’s first designs was a geometric print. We have always honoured that legacy and included geometric prints in the line because Mrs. Ashley knew that geometric prints look great as a stand-alone print or mixed with florals, stripes or checks. To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we brought back the popular Wickerwork print in Leaf Green, Dark Seapray and Ochre Yellow wallpaper. It is a perfect choice if you are looking to freshen up your space with a timeless print.

Wickerwork Leaf Green Wallpaper | Wickerwork Dark Seaspray Blue Wallpaper

Try intricate floral patterns: The hand-drawn effect of the Louise Duck Egg Blue and Louise Slate Grey Wallpaper is a monochromatic paradise. Inspired by a print found in our archives, the Louise wallpapers add depth and texture to any room. The striking floral print illustrates an intricate line drawing of blooming hydrangeas and roses among leafy foliage. 

Louise Duck Egg Blue Wallpaper | Louise Slate Grey Wallpaper

Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Wallpaper:

  • Don’t be afraid to be bold. So many rooms are begging for colour and texture. 
  • Do be memorable. Wallpaper gives any room personality, often becoming the room people want to spend time in the moment they walk in the door. 
  • Don’t be afraid to hang wallpaper yourself. To help make it easier than ever to install wallpaper, we now offer “paste-the-wall” wallpaper, which is simple to hang and easier to remove than traditional wallpaper
  • Do order a sample before installing. We always suggest you order samples to ensure the colours and design are what you envisioned. 

Helen Ashmore, Head of Design at Laura Ashley, says: “Every moment this year is anchored in the past and present, and rooted in the design heritage that Laura Ashley pioneered across her life. Laura Ashley was a trailblazer and icon, and we are thrilled to continue her legacy through this anniversary year and beyond.”

Tell us about your favourite Laura Ashley memory or let us know your favourite 70th Anniversary print by commenting below, tagging @lauraashleyusa, or using the hashtag #lauraashleyusa.

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