Make & Do: Customized Boxes


UK Craft blogger Torie Jayne is our kind of lady, with a shared penchant for all things pretty and creative, from shabby chic to fashion and decorative crafts. She recently showed us these super easy customized boxes she conjured up using our Isodore print wallpaper

Boxes are very practical, but also a bit boring. Give simple wooden storage boxes a new look with some gorgeous wallpaper from Laura Ashley….

It really is so easy! Simply cut a square of wallpaper a little bit bigger than the top of the box you wish to cover.


Wallpapered-box_1-6201. Apply PVA glue to the top of the wooden box…

2. Adhere wallpaper to the top of the box.

Wallpapered-box_3-6203. Remove excess paper using a sharp craft knife.



4. Repeat steps 1-3 on all sides of the box.



Voila! Now you have a super stylish box that looks good enough in or out a cupboard. I added turquoise labels to mine and placed in my linen cupboard. Love how pretty they look…