Make & Do: Thanksgiving Name Tags


Our mate Brittany from The House That Lars Built is here with another fantastic DIY project you’re going to love for Thanksgiving! Follow along as Brittany shares her tips and tricks to create these dinner table specialties.



Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to bring friends and family around the table in gratitude. I love creating place settings for guests because by deliberately placing specific people next to one another, you foster new friendships and conversations. These paper leaf name tags made from the lovely Laura Ashley Pussy Willow Off White/Seaspray wallpaper, are a great way to use leftover wallpaper while celebrating the festive holiday. Additionally, if you have a bit more material, you can add in a full placemat and a napkin ring to tie the look together.


DIY Nametags

MaterialsLaura Ashley wallpaper, cardstock paper, crepe paper, scissors, white cloth covered floral wire, wire cutter, paint (we used watercolor), paint brush, quick dry liquid glue, glue gun, metallic marker, craft knife, leaf and banner templates.

  1. Cut 1 leaf out of Laura Ashley wallpaper. Cut 2 leaves out of orange crepe paper. Cut banner out of cardstock.
  2. Paint cloth covered floral wire in coordinating colors. Allow to dry. Cut wire into three 6″ pieces.
  3. Use quick dry liquid glue to glue a wire down the front center of each leaf.
  4. Use the craft knife to score and fold the lines on your banner piece (these lines are indicated on your template). Use metallic marker to write a name on the front of the cardstock banner. Turn banner over and color the area between the two score/fold lines with metallic marker.
  5. Arrange leaves as you’d like and hot glue the crossed stems together.
  6. Use hot glue to attach cardstock banner to leaves. We only put hot glue on the back of the two notched pieces so that the center of the banner would pop up and give the place setting some dimension.



DIY Placemat

Materials: wallpaper, scissors, watercolor paint, paintbrush

  1. Cut out a rectangle of your wallpaper (typical size is 12×18”).
  2. Draw two lines on either side of the plate with watercolor for a lovely frame around the plate.




DIY Napkin Ring

Materials: wallpaper, orange crepe paper, glue stick or tape

  1. Cut out a 1” strip of wallpaper and secure it into a circle.
  2. Cut out a ¼” strip of crepe paper and glue around the wallpaper.





There you have it, a simple way to add a personal touch to your holiday dinner with our beautiful wallpaper. For more of Brittany’s brilliant tutorials follow along our Make & Do page, where the crafting never ends. Enjoy!