Make & Do: Wallpaper Wedding Pinwheel Fans



Calling upon expert stylist and crafty blogger Souyma of Made by Molu, say ‘I do’ to a brilliant series of wedding make & do’s with her easy-to-follow tutorials and brilliant ideas that certainly offer the perfect finishing touch to your special day. Soumya shows us how to create fun pinwheel fans made out of our lovely wallpaper. Perfect for a summer wedding season, these cute fans will keep you cool and be an ideal keepsake of the special day.

I’m going to show you how to make fun pinwheel fans for your guests out of Laura Ashley wallpaper to create the perfect keepsake favours for your big day… and keep your guests cool too! While it may not always be warm in the UK, this personal handmade touch will most definitely be appreciated by your guests. If you’re worried about how many fans need to be made, enlist your bridesmaids (or groom – should he be willing!), and get down to business! It’s fun, functional and super pretty! Just imagine the photos you will have with these.











1. Pick out your wallpaper of choice. Measure and cut 12 inches for each piece of wallpaper you’re going to use to make the fan; i.e. 12 in x 21 in (21 inches is the width of the wallpaper).




2. Once the sheets are cut, accordion-fold them so it’s roughly 1 inch in width. You will need two sets of these pleated sheets per fan.




3. Fold them tightly in half. Tip: you may want to use the edge of a ruler for a neat fold, as the paper is thick.






4. Put the two pleated sheets together by adhering the long edges of the pleated sheets using the hot glue gun. It will look like a bow tie now.






5. Tie a piece of thread or thin cord tightly around the middle which will help hold the center in place neatly, particularly later on when it is fanned out. Then put the shorter edges of the sheets together and leave the other open for the handles you will make out of the card.






6. Take your card and cut long strips, roughly 1 in x 10 in. You will need two per fan.






7. Use the glue gun to attach the card strips on the remaining two edges of the fan, and you have the handles!








8. You can have it fanned out, ready to be used by tying a complimenting ribbon or twine across the handles to hold it in place, or have the fan folded, again using ribbon to hold it shut. Both options will look brilliant at the table with a little ‘thank you’ tag.

These fans would be wonderful to have out on a separate table, such as by your sweets or guestbook, for guests to go choose. You could also have your bridal party hand them out to your guests while they relax at the reception!





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