Pet Accessories

New year, new pet? Whether you have just gotten a new pet or are in need of stylish accessories, our new pet accessory collection is purr-fect for you and your furry friend. Featuring fun florals, conversational prints, and solids these accessories add Laura Ashley charm.

Perfect for those upcoming long walks as the flowers bloom this spring, try our retractable leash! This stylish Hunterhill printed leash features a rubber handle grip for comfort and extends up to 10 ft.

Retractable Pet Leash

Help your dog cool off after those long walks with a cooling mat, made with non-toxic gel. Featuring our Freshford print in cranberry or linen, the mat stays 5 to 10 degrees cooler than room temperature to help keep your pet cool.

Therapeutic Cooling Gel Mat Pet Pad in Cranberry

Your cats need exercise too; give your cat a scratching pad to help with any pent up energy. Our scratching pad is double-sided and reversible; you get two scratching surfaces in one neat block. Featured in multiple designs and two styles, it can seamlessly be added into any décor. Sprinkle the included catnip on the scratch bed and your kitty simply won’t be able to resist using it!

cat scratcher
Cat Scratching Pad

As you relax with a cuppa, keep your furniture protected and give your pets a cozy place to lay near you with the Reversible Micro Fur Pet Dog Bed Blanket Throw. This throw gently warms up to your pet’s body temperature and can be used by itself, on a pet bed, in the car, or in a pet carrier.

Reversible Micro Fur Pet Dog Bed Blanket Throw in Linen
Reversible Micro Fur Pet Dog Bed Blanket Throw in Highland Check

While traveling with your pet, keep them safe and protect your car seats from the elements and pet hair by adding the Hunterhill Car Seat Protective Cover. Featuring our charming Hunterhill print, this easy to install, protective car seat cover, fits most vehicles. It’s wipe-clean surface keeps upholstery clean and dry, whereas the adjustable straps help keep the cover firmly in place. Use can use this as a traditional bench cover or attach the straps to the vehicle’s headrests for a hammock-style cover.

Hunterhill Pet Car Seat Protective Cover
Hunterhill Pet Car Seat Protective Cover

Keep your smaller pets safe during travel in our stylish Hunterhill Pet Carrier, complete with extended straps for extra carrying comfort and a collar clip to keep your pet secure inside the carrier. The Pet Carrier opens on two sides for easy access and includes a large storage pocket with flap cover and a side zip pocket. Perfect for both cats and dogs!

cat carrier
Hunterhill Pet Carrier
dog carrier
Hunterhill Pet Carrier

We think our new pet collection is fabulous and stylish! Special thanks to our Laura Ashley Staffers for allowing us to use their wonderful furry family members as models!  What Laura Ashley pet products have your furry friends received? Let us know below or show us your pictures on Instagram @lauraashleyusa.

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