Wedding Bells: DIY Seating Chart


It’s the beginning of wedding season and we can’t help but be excited about the prospect of spring weddings. From golden colour palettes to floral centerpieces, there’s nothing like a good wedding to ease us into the warmer months.

A recent bride herself, Sophie from The Cake Hunter was keen to get her creative hat on and gather up a DIY seating chart. Using our floral bloom inspired wallpaper, Hydrangea Camomile, she fancied putting together something that would not only cut costs, but add a personal touch to a very special day. She provides us with a step-by-step process on how to create this crafty piece.


Weddings can be stressful affairs, especially if you are choosing to DIY the majority of it. Your seating chart needn’t be hard work and this easy tutorial can be done in an hour, leaving you plenty of time to focus on other tasks. If you do not feel comfortable hand writing the guest’s names, print them off in a font of your choice and cut them out yourself; the effect will be just as impressive.

I picked up an inexpensive collage frame and spray painted it grey to match the colour scheme in the wallpaper. The colour is adaptable to your wedding but I highly recommend Montana Gold acrylic spray paint, as you do not need to do any priming on a plastic frame and the colour does not drip.




1. Spray the frame in a safe, well ventilated area and leave to dry. I sprayed two coats on my frame.



2. Use the backboard from one of the frames. Draw around the template on the back of the wallpaper.



3. Use a craft knife and a sturdy metal ruler to cut out the rectangles. You may use scissors but cut carefully so the edges are neat and the wallpaper will fit easily into the frames.



4. I used a black brush pen to write the names onto the paper. I have tested black calligraphy ink and that also works well. Leave to dry before putting into the frames.



5. Assemble the frames and voila, your seating chart is done.


The wallpaper is perfect because it provides a beautiful background and it is thick and sturdy enough to go into the frames without being see-through or crinkled. Laura Ashley wallpaper designs are brilliant for a DIY wedding! You could even hang the chart in your house after the big day as a pleasant memory.

Thanks to Sophie for this crafty addition!

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We wish you luck in planning your wedding! Have you any DIY ideas for the big day? Do share in the comments below…