See our new rug collection and find out how to choose the right rug for your home

We just launched an extensive new indoor and outdoor rug line to help your spaces bloom.

Thorncliff Sky Blue Indoor Outdoor Rug

Choosing a rug for your home is not just about selecting something that looks good. It’s also about finding something that reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable and at home.

Cleavers Duck Egg Rug

With so many different sizes, styles, and colours to choose from, we’ve put together a guide on how to choose a rug based on your personality with simple tips to help you find the right rug for the right space.

Porchester Poppy Red Indoor Outdoor Rug

The Creative: If you’re someone who loves bold colours, patterns, and textures, then a rug with a unique floral design is the perfect choice for you. Look for something that has a pop of colour. A creative rug will act as a statement piece in your space and reflect your unique personality.  We have three indoor/outdoor rugs ideal for the creative type – Thornscliff Daisy, Lilith and Porchester.  The bright colours and floral prints bring joy to any space, indoors or out.

Thorncliff Sky Blue Indoor Outdoor Rug |Lilith Poppy Red Indoor Outdoor Rug
Porchester Poppy Red Indoor Outdoor Rug

For the Nature Lover: If spending time outdoors and bringing nature inside is the top of your priority list, then a rug with a botanical floral patterns is a perfect choice. Rugs with bold blooms or trailing branches will add texture and warmth to your space while reflecting your love of nature.  

Our bright 70th-anniversary print Tulips is now available in a coordinating rug. This 1990s gouache-painted floral design offers a springtime display of tulips mixed with daffodils.

Parterre is an elegant and timeless design that depicts trailing ogee stems and
an abundance of white flowers similar to wisteria.

A magnificent antique painted artwork in our famed archives originally inspired this Laura Ashley print.

Featuring gorgeous bold parrot tulips, the Gosford indoor rugs are available in round and rectangular shapes.

The Cleavers design features a silhouette of trailing leaves and daisy shapes first added
to the Laura Ashley archives in the 1970s.

Featuring a bas-relief texture in a hand-carved cut and loop pile, this charming floral indoor rug is available in rectangle and round rugs in four different colours: Seaspray, Dark Steel, Duck Egg, and Natural.

For the Bohemian: Bohemian style is all about creating comfy cosy spaces with rich colours and prints. Choose a rug with a mix of patterns, colours and textures to get the look right. Bohemian lovers aren’t afraid of patterns and love a rug with florals for an artistic touch. Bohemian-style rugs also look great layered, adding warmth and personality to your space. Our new Newborough indoor rugs are ideal for bohemian personalities and feature a contemporary style with a subtle weathered antique look while the Catarina rugs offer a repeat leaf motif outlined in a half circle. 

Soft underfoot, the Newborough offers stunning quality manufactured on a jacquard loom in a cotton chenille yarn.
Newborough Dark Seaspray Rug | Newborough Pale Gold Rug | Newborough Steel Rug

The Catarina rug is hand-tufted in 100% New Zealand blended wool to create softness and luxury.

Catarina Fern Rug | Catarina Gold Rug

For the Modernist: If modern design speaks to you, a simple striped design and a bold colour rug will reflect your love of clean lines. Not only does a striped rug offer a classic and timeless choice, but it can also create an illusion of space and make a room appear larger. Our two favourite new striped rugs are the Eaton and Lille, both offered in various sizes.

Launched initially as a wallpaper in the 2010s, the Eaton print is now on an indoor rug that is hand tufted in a wool and viscose combination with some delicate carving lines.

Eaton Dark Seaspray Rug | Eaton Charcoal Rug

Lille’s broad stripe design in two tone colours makes this rug an instant classic.

Available in three colour combinations, this rug can be used indoors or outdoors.
Great for high-traffic areas, it is weather resistant and easy to clean.

For the Traditionalist: New Traditionalists know a classic design when they see it. When it comes to a traditional rug, look for a timeless design that can mix with other design elements in the room. Choose something in a muted colour palette to keep things classic and add elegance and sophistication to your space.

Redbrook is sure to be a best-seller. We offer the Redbrook in five colours and in round and rectangular shape rugs in various sizes.

The Redbrook has embossed borders to give it a rich and soft appearance.

Josette is an ornate damask printfeaturing elegant chandeliers and romantic rose bouquets. The simple and glamorous pattern, originally introduced to the line in 2003, can now be found on a rug manufactured on a jacquard loom in cotton chenille yarn.

For the Minimalist: Neutral colours and simple but sophisticated designs are the hallmarks of a minimalist’s home, making our new Silchester, Rye, and Mari rugs ideal indoor rugs. The soft, calming hues have a subtle tone-on-tone pattern that will add warmth to your space without overwhelming it.

A soft damask, the cotton handloom Silchester rug is designed in an arts and crafts style and features subtle textured outlines of leaves bound in a frame of hand-drawn lines.

The monochromatic print in Rye’s pretty floral rug is inspired by a wallpaper pattern
held in the Laura Ashley archives from 1996.
The beautiful handloom jacquard combines three qualities of yarn to
add lustre to the tone-on-tone print.

Mari features a large-scale bamboo leaf and branch motif. The pattern of this rug is hand-shaved and carved in postproduction, which gives it a true handmade look.

Once you’ve decided which rug personality you are, here are our simple tips to help you find the right rug for every room in your house:

  1. Consider the size of your space: Most people choose a rug that is too small, which can make a room feel disjointed. Measure the area you want to cover and select a rug that anchors the furniture.  
  2. Consider shapes: You will want to choose a rug that complements the room’s shape. For example, round rugs work well in circular rooms, while rectangular rugs are ideal for larger spaces. 
  3. Consider style: A simple, solid-coloured rug may be best if you have a minimalist or modern aesthetic. For more traditional spaces, consider a rug with intricate patterns or designs.
  4. Consider colours: If you have bold, bright walls, a neutral rug can balance the look, while a patterned rug can add interest to a neutral space. 
  5. Consider the material of your rug: If you have children or pets, a durable and stain-resistant material like wool or synthetic fibres may be best. Indoor/outdoor rugs are great for high-traffic areas
Lille Sky Blue Indoor Outdoor Rug

Choosing a rug for your home is not just about selecting something that looks good in your space. It’s also about finding something that reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable and at home. 

Tell us what your rug personality is by commenting below, tagging us at @lauraashleyusa or using the hashtag #lauraashleyusa.

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