Every child deserves a sanctuary. A room to play, a room to dream!

Remember as a child spending hours in your room playing, creating or simply reading? Oh, to be young again! Now it’s time to create that space for your own children. Your child’s room is a place to escape, to dream, and most importantly, to relax. Here are ways to match your child’s spirit with simple decor ideas that ensure a place they will simply adore.

Room Decor Your Kids will Adore

Go wild with our blue dog pattern and/or let your little princess dream about all things pink with our flamingo decor.  There’s a whole new world of creative ideas beyond the pretty picture frame and cream coloured walls. Why not try a vibrant hot pink llama wallpaper with matching pom-pom blanket for a change? Pops of colour in playful prints create an atmosphere.

For the Tweens and Teens

Easy bedding comforters and quilts with matching shams are always a winner with children maturing in age such as the soft warm colours shown below.  Our floral, striped and nautical quilted prints add a touch of personality and comfort, the perfect recipe for making any tween and teen happy. Provide a place for your teen where chaos is not invited.

The Added Touches

And finally, but most importantly, don’t forget the added touches! And why not make it easy on yourself with these no-sew, ready made curtains? The choices are abundant for both boys and girls with adorable hand drawn characters such as the whimsical Pets design shown below adorned with cute illustrations of poodles, pugs and feline friends. Finally, remember to stock up on the storage items. We all know how many toys, trinkets and memory savers kids have today. Boxes are key in keeping their rooms neat and orderly for them to relax and dream.

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