Inspired to Create

Life in the past year reminded us how much we love to create. Spending time in the garden, cooking, or sewing provided a renewed love of all things made with our hands.

Hallie Cole in a jacket of her own creation made with vintage Laura Ashley fabrics.

So many Laura Ashley fans have shared their creations and we’ve been nothing but impressed and inspired by the sewing projects, DIY moments, and room makeovers.

One of the posts that caught our eye was from University of Kansas Senior Hallie Cole, who designed a gorgeous patchwork quilt jacket for KU’s Textile program.

Photo Credits: Hallie Cole

With a dream of becoming a fashion designer while currently studying Visual Arts with an emphasis in Textiles, Hallie was tasked with creating a wearable self-portrait.

She says, “I realized I’m spending so much time at home and with my family that a self-portrait of me doesn’t just look like me, it looks like what’s around me and where I come from. I quilted together squares of Laura Ashley fabric that my mom had saved to make one large piece of fabric that I could make the outer shell from. The fabric is actually what all my dresses and bedding were made out of when I was little. I then took a few old vests my dad had and repurposed the lining from those to use as the lining of the jacket.”

Hallie adds, “I really enjoyed the process because I felt really connected to the work and not like I was just making something to turn in. This summer I plan on revisiting the process I used to make the jacket and work on new pieces to add to my portfolio. I feel like quilting and collaging fabric together gives the piece so much more personality and life.”

With an extensive archive, Laura Ashley prints have defined English country and offered a rich, romantic aesthetic that exudes optimism for nearly 70 years. The connection to a Laura Ashley print is so strong that the mere sight often floods the mind with memories of a favourite dress or a bedroom.

Hallie’s patchwork jacket is filled with some of our most popular prints from past decades, including:

Canasta Check: First introduced in 1993 in shades of Cowslip, Rose and Sapphire, this timeless print became most popular in our bedlinen collection in 1996.

Canasta Check 1993

The original artwork for the Canasta Check print was drawn as a trellis but was later amended to a check for production.

Canasta Check Artwork 1993

Cornflower: This elegant print was developed in 1984. Featuring a deep Sapphire Blue and vibrant Mustard, this print soon became a fan favourite.

Cornflower 1984

Ditsy: In 1999, Laura Ashley introduced one of her many classic prints. Initially coloured in Denim/ Ivory and soon after with a Cowslip and a Raspberry version, this time-honoured print was released as wallpaper in all three colourways.

Ditsy 1999

Ming: Ming debuted in 1983. Featuring a China Blue and Sapphire floral design, this print was used in both fashion and wallpaper.

Ming 1983

Owen: Designed in 1997 in Deep Chambray Blue, this popular print was soon recoloured in Heath Green in 1998. Fan adoration for the print led to a 1998 bedlinen collection featuring a White/Navy and an Apricot colourway.

Owen Deep Chambray 1997
Owen Heath Green 1998

Priory: In 1987, the Priory print was designed in multiple shades with Sapphire and White as well as Crushed Strawberry. This classic design was recoloured in 1990 and was also offered in a Rose colourway in wallpaper.

Priory 1987

Stocks: In true Laura Ashley fashion, this 1993 floral design was designed in Saphire and White accented with pretty powdery pastels.

Stocks 1993

What is your favourite Laura Ashley print? Comment below or tag us at @lauraashleyusa or #lauraashleyusa.

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