Bedroom Design Tips From Our Bloggers

Get some top tips for your boudoir from our lovely bloggers!

Having a comfortable place to retreat to at the end of a long day is vital. Your bedroom design can have a big effect on how well you sleep, so you should create a room you can truly relax in. From picking the perfect bedroom furniture to accessorising your space, we spoke to some of our favourite bloggers to see what they recommend to help you create a stylish, comfortable bedroom.


Colours can have an effect on our mood, so choosing the right palette for your bedroom décor is important for a good night’s rest.

We spoke to Laura from Inside Laura’s Head who says that soothing colours are a good choice.

“You want everything in your bedroom to emanate comfort, and the colour palette is no exception, so choose a comforting colour palette. My favourite bedroom colour is blue because it is one of the most relaxing colours, especially sky blue – one of the most comforting. I prefer to stick with calming colours, without high contrasts.”

Wisteria Duck Egg Pencil Pleat Ready Made Curtains | Awning Stripe Duck Egg/Pistachio Wallpaper | Wisteria Duck Egg Embroidered Cushion | Wisteria Duck Egg Duvet Cover

Amy from thesmallestofthings,  agrees that soothing colours are a good choice and she recommends sticking to a neutral theme.

“Use calm and inviting colours when deciding on a colour theme and no TV in the bedroom. For me, my bedroom is a place of calm where I can unwind before bed! I wouldn’t have anything too bright in my bedroom, so I keep to neutrals or light greys!”

Magnolia Grove Natural: Ready Made Curtains | Duvet Cover | Sham | Brampton Stripe Natural Wallpaper

Keeping your base colours neutral, like our Cool Grey collection, means you have scope to add a few accent colours. Chloe from Ninegrand Student tells us how that makes it easier to change the look if you feel like it.

“Keep the base colour scheme nice and neutral, then it’s easier to switch things up with different colours. My partner and I have gone for a base palette of grey tones with copper, and right now we’ve got purple accents coming in from cushions and blankets. I find a grey duvet set satisfies my more feminine tastes as well as my other half’s dislike of anything too girly. It also makes it far easier to move from flat to flat (the joys of renting!) without spending a fortune on bedroom accessories.”

Lisette White/Steel Bedset


Make climbing into bed after a long day even more joyous by spoiling yourself with good quality bedding you adore. Getting a good night’s sleep is important, so making your bed the centrepiece of your room and sprucing it up with sheets you love will make you want to jump right in. Our bloggers have some tips for creating a bed you will fall in love with (as well as fall into!)

Good quality bedding can make or break your night’s sleep, as Paula from mummyvswork tells us.

“It’s important to invest in good quality bedding, not only does it look amazing in your room, but it also gives you a great night’s sleep. I love this design from Laura Ashley and it is 100% cotton too!”

Pussy Willow Embroidered Duck Egg Duvet | Pussy Willow Embroidered Duck Egg Pillowcase

Victoria from victorias-vintage also knows how important cosy bedding is.

“I always think it’s important to buy good quality bedding that you know is comfortable and will last well. After all, your bed is possibly the most important place in your home! A printed duvet or throw is a great way to add some colour and style to your bedroom, and I like to change the theme of my bedding depending on the season.”

Wild Meadow Duvet Cover | Wild Meadow Pillowcase | Nigella Sunshine Square Velvet Cushion | Wild Meadow Multi Wallpaper


Getting your bedroom lighting just-so is key to creating a relaxing space, and our bloggers agreed. The secret is to give yourself options; lamps at different heights around the room will help create a softer glow than a main ceiling light. A mix of floor and ceiling lamps are perfect for this. Blogger Sarah agrees lighting is key to creating the right atmosphere in your bedroom.

Sarah from mumzilla uses a variety of fabrics to help to diffuse the lighting in her room.

“My tip for the bedroom is to think about the lighting – if you will be spending only evenings in the bedroom then wall lights will give you a cosy low-level glow. Mixing up your fabrics will also disperse the light – I’d recommend a few velvet cushions like the LA Nigella Sunshine ones for a touch of glamour and a pop of colour to boot. Essential for any cosy bedroom!”

Nigella Sunshine Square Velvet Cushion | Pineapple Beaded Silver Square Cushion| Dragonfly Garden Steel Curtain Fabric | Farnworth Stripe Steel Wallpaper


Even with a bedroom you love, every now and then a bit of a change can be refreshing. The changing seasons are the perfect excuse to freshen up your décor.

Heather from ofbeautyandnothingness recommends bringing brightness into your bedroom with some beautiful fresh blooms.

“Light, airy and fresh shades, scents and home accessories can add new life to your home. Try switching your bedspread from a heavy brushed cotton to a light, pastel bed set or add floral vases to introduce colourful blooms into your bedroom.”

Spring Floral Vase


Your bedroom is your private space where you should be able to completely relax and unwind. With this in mind, you should fill it with things you absolutely love. A piece of art you can’t stop looking at, an ornament that takes you back to an amazing holiday. Whatever it is, make sure you surround yourself with things that make you smile.


Whatever your personal boudoir style, the most important thing is that it works for you. Feeling relaxed and comfortable in your bedroom will help ensure you get a good night’s sleep. To ensure you wake up feeling refreshed. Surround yourself with things you love and drift off into peaceful slumber every night.

We’d love to know how you make your bedroom the cosiest room in the house. Let us know below or over on Twitter at @Laura AshleyUSA.