Tips on The Bedding Essentials Needed for A Good Night’s Sleep

Are you one of the millions looking for a better night’s sleep? While we can’t take the stress of the day away, we can give tips to create a foundation for a better night while you slumber.

Laura Ashley Basic Bedding Collection

Depending on your sleep personality, the right bedding can bring comfort, help you unwind, and give you the tools that make going to bed something to look forward to every night.

Before you make your bed with your favourite sheets, you need to start with the bedding basics.  Did you know that the new generation of mattress pads, pillows, and duvets come with built-in technology and innovation to help set the stage for a restful night?

Channel your circadian rhythm, set the alarm clock, and get ready for a night filled with sweet dreams.

Do you prioritize sleep?

300T Cotton Sateen Pillow

Do you make sure nothing gets in the way of your sleep? Do you take expert advice and limit your screen time well before you close your eyes? This sleep personality needs to be able to count on a pillow with the perfect amount of support. Our new 300T Cotton Sateen Pillow with microfiber fill has a 100% cotton sateen exterior and features oh-so Laura Ashley floral designs along the gusset. 

Are you a practical sleeper?  

Striped Cotton Yarn Dyed Pillow

Some sleepers change their bedding based on the season, but if you are the type to find something you love and stick with it, our Striped Cotton Yarn Dyed Pillow is for you.  Made with a 100% cotton outer and inner shell, the 85% pure white duck feathers and 15% pure white duck down fill make this the perfect pillow for year-round use.

Is sleeping a self-care ritual?

Madeline Blanket-Plein Air

If self-care is part of your everyday routine, you probably love to hop in bed way before your actual bedtime. Your personality wants to pile up the pillows and wrap up in a cosy blanket before actually settling into sleep. The perfect weight for year-round use, our new 100% cotton Madeline Blankets are designed to add a layer to your bedding or can be folded on top to use when you want to curl up with just a blanket while you have a cuppa tea.

Madeline Blankets

The diamond weave cotton pattern makes this a beautiful everyday blanket that will coordinate with any bed set.

Are you temperature sensitive?

Tencel Knit Pillow

Never too hot or cold; the temperature is just right when you are sleeping with our Laura Ashley Tencel Knit Pillow.  Tencel helps to absorb moisture for a comfortable sleep.

Does luxury define your sleep style?

400T Cotton Jacquard Mattress Pad

No matter how busy the days are, you will be happy to slip into a luxuriously soft bed topped with our 400T Cotton Jacquard Mattress Pad. Uniquely Laura Ashley, we designed our mattress pad to feel luxurious on every level beginning with the delicate jacquard floral design to the soft hypoallergenic fill, giving it just enough weight for a comfortable sleep.  Our mattress pad is made with a 100% cotton cover and 100% polyester fill and fits up to 20″ deep mattress.

Are you a night owl?

300T Cotton Sateen Pink Duvet Insert

Our 300T Cotton Sateen Duvet Insert is cosiness defined. You will appreciate snuggling in bed even if you don’t fall asleep immediately because you never know when a good book or Netflix is calling. Our playful floral patterns along the gusset give this duvet a homey touch that makes bedtime inviting. The 100% cotton sateen exterior shell and microfiber fill will keep you cosy no matter how late you stay up.

Do you have allergies?

400T Cotton Jacquard Duvet Insert

If you are a sound sleeper and sleeping through the night is never an issue, consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us who need the right tools to get a good night’s sleep, the 400T Cotton Jacquard Duvet Insert is designed for those with allergies in mind, thanks to the hypoallergenic fill. The perfect weight for year-round use, this duvet insert features a delicate jacquard floral design to give it just the right amount of personality too.

Do you need an alternative to down?

Microfiber Duvet Insert

As much as we love down, it isn’t for everyone. If you know that down doesn’t allow you to wake up feeling refreshed, we created our Microfiber Duvet Insert as a high-quality option for those looking for a similar luxurious feeling to that of a down duvet. The 100% Polyester cluster fiber provides warmth and comfort for those sensitive to natural products.

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