Laura Ashley Interviews Artist Jenny Fuller from “The Doodle Bee”

At Home with Artist, Jenny Fuller

We asked one of our favourite artists, Jenny Fuller from The Doodle Bee to share her savvy expertise on how to style a home in a chic, yet practical way. Using several Laura Ashley home accent pieces, Jenny demonstrates just how easy it is to blend different home trends in order to create a beautiful, yet livable space.  If you fall in love with her “West Coast meets East Coast” designs as much as we have, then you may be interested in following Jenny on her Instagram. We hope you enjoy our discussion!

Q: You’re a very talented artist. Please tell us more about your art and how you get your inspiration.

I love nature, I love fashion, and  I love fun. When I sit down to sketch, it seems as if all three of my “loves” just organically merge together to influence my art.

Q: We heard you are a California native living in Charlotte, NC. What are your tips for mixing laid back California style with Southern charm?

I think the California side shows up in the brighter whites, linen fabrics, and the casual coffee table in the family room; mixed with some modern pieces, like the Jonathan Adler desk in the office. There is an ease to beach living and I try to bring that same feeling of ease to my home.  The Southern side comes to play in my treasured “fussier” accents, china displayed on the wall, bird panels and prints, the antique worn leather Louis chairs… Living in Charlotte I have learned the importance of layering textures and colours and letting your home tell a story.

Q: We love how each room has a different colour palette that ranges from subtle to bold. Your designs are so inspiring, particularly in your husband’s study. Do you have any “secret” tips about choosing a colour palette for each room?

The whole house started out with a unified palette of fresh white, gray doors and blue accents.  From there, I just had some fun with different shades of blues. As time passes,  I keep adding in new colours with throws and pillows to change it up. When it came to the girls’ rooms, I just treated them separately.  With three girls, someone was bound to have ballet pink walls with Laura Ashley birds.


Q: As a busy mom of three, do you have any advice on how to make a home beautiful, yet livable for kids?

I definitely purchased upholstery with kids in mind! When selecting items for my little girls, I couldn’t resist pretty pink, floral bedding. I always say buy the things you love and wear it out. My philosophy is use it and enjoy it! This goes beyond home decor too. For example: don’t keep the antique ring from your Grandma in a box, wear it every day!  As for art, I love mixing pieces from talented local artist with priceless pieces my children have created. If you want to make your kid’s artwork feel professional, get it framed. There is something about having it behind glass that makes the pieces feel even more special.  

Q: Were you always a fan of Laura Ashley?

Honestly, I worshiped my older sister, who in turn worshiped Laura Ashley.  So naturally, I became a fan at an early age. And once I had my first Laura Ashley floral romper, the deal was sealed.  I rocked that jumper as often as I could.

Q: Tell us about a moment that you remember wearing Laura Ashley or sleeping in a room decorated in Laura Ashley.

When we were little, my sister and I shared a room.  One day we came home and our Mom had surprised us with a whole Laura Ashley room redo.  This was a major event as it was pre-HGTV and Pinterest era.  Those tiny, little ditsy rosebud printed sheets still dance in my head.

Are you feeling inspired from Jenny’s home and eclectic mix of styles? Show us how you incorporate classic pieces and modern trends within the same space by commenting below or at @LauraAshleyUSA.

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