Gifts that look expensive but won’t break the bank!

Are the stockings hung and the tree trimmed but you still need a last-minute gift?  You aren’t alone! 

We’ve gathered our go-to list of great last-minute gifts that look like you’ve spent a lot but are all $30 and under. That should leave enough to buy one for yourself. After all the holiday prep and entertaining, you deserve it!

Just be sure to order before December 16th if you’re shipping by Ground to ensure that it will be delivered by Christmas.

Serena Coffee Cup $20.00 | Green Fluffy Sheep Socks $20.00
Henly Foral Heart Key Ring $22.00 | Diamante Sausage Dog Stud Earrings $24.00
Hattie Ladies Black Slippers $22.00

Laura Ashley Faux Agate Design Jewelry Box $24.99
Waterlilies Slim Makeup Bag $26.00 | Flamingo Letter Opener $28.00
Laura Ashley Ceramic Flower Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser $24.95
Serena Infuser Water Bottle $28

Serena Infuser Water Bottle $28 | Roselie Memo Block $18.00
Gardening Shop Journal $25.00 | Laura Ashley Diamond Ice Cube Tray $12.99

Leopard Letter Opener $30.00 | Florentine with Leopard Address/Birthday Book $30.00
Florentine with Leopard Journal $28.00 | Florentine Boxed Pen $24.00
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