Make & Do: Painting Easter Eggs with Emma

Showcasing her amazing talent, illustrator Emma shares her painted eggs in time for Easter…

Easter is upon us! With the wonderful holiday well on its way, we’re thinking of some craft ideas you can try your hand at in the beautiful Spring sunshine. Readers of the blog might recognise the lovely Emma Block who we have worked with before, so we were excited when she got in touch with this super crafty idea showcasing her amazing illustration abilities on a little egg! Armed with some paints and fabric for some inspiration, she takes us through a step-by-step guide to help us achieve these egg-celent painted eggs in time for Easter…

You will need…

– Eggs
– House Paint
– Acrylic Paint
– Pencil
– Paint brushes

First you need to blow your egg, that way you can keep your creation forever without it going off. Use a metal skewer to make a small hole at the top of the egg and slighter large hole at the bottom. Use the skewer to break the yolk, then blow the contents out into a bowl. Rinse the egg thoroughly then leave it to dry.

I like to paint my eggs with a base coat of regular house paint first. Use a wide flat brush to apply two even layers of base coat and allow the paint to dry in between coats. A good tip is to make a little bit of blutack to rest your egg on, so it doesn’t roll around. When the base coat is dry, lightly sketch your design in pencil. Simple designs and repeat patterns work best. For these eggs, I have been inspired by the some of Laura Ashley’s beautiful prints.

Pussy Willow – this iconic print is available in several colourways as fabric, wallpaper, cushions and curtains. I chose to paint the Off White/Seaspray color.

Use acrylic paint and a small brush to add decoration. Painting on a round surface is tricky, so embrace imperfections!

Aviary Garden 

For the Aviary Garden print I started by painting in the branches and leaves, then adding more detail on top. I added the detail in black paint last of all. This beautiful print is available in Ready Made Curtains and as a Bedset.

I also tried my hand at the Blue Birds design. Birds are definitely a theme for spring! This Blue Birds Wallpaper creates a coastal look on walls (or eggs)!


How cute are Emma’s painted eggs? A lovely gift as an alternative to a traditional Easter Egg, we can’t wait to have a go at these. Hosting friends and family this Easter? Browse our selection of ‘hoppin’ home decor.


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