Ramshackle Glam Q&A

It’s time for another Laura Ashley Q & A with influencers we love. Today we introduce you to Jordan Reid, the mastermind behind Ramshackle Glam. Jordan opens up about personal issues, parenthood, fashion, home and whatever tickles her fancy. Today we chat with Jordan about her love for home decor and everything Laura Ashley.

“Nine years ago, after a truly spectacular career implosion, I created Ramshackle Glam to follow my experiments (and frequent failures) in the spheres of fashion, beauty, entertaining, and home décor, and in the years since, the site has grown into something I never saw coming.” – Jordan Reid creator of Ramshackle Glam

Your Personal Style…

Q: You have such great personal style. How would you describe it in five words or less?

That’s so kind of you to say! “Comfortable and simple, plus sunglasses!”

As a mom…

Q: We love your house! As a mom of two, we like how you have mastered adult design with a kid friendly twist. What is your favorite trick?

Honestly, it’s to be less precious about things. If a spill happens (and it’s going to)…it happens. It’s important to me to have a beautiful home environment and to teach my children to respect it, but it’s also important to me to teach my children that when it comes down to it, stuff is just stuff. It’s more important to be able to live in a space than it is to curate it.

Heirloom Crochet Quilt Set

Your Decor…

Q: Your room looks like a sanctuary. What are your tips for creating a space for moms to relax a little and find a little peace in a space of their own?

For me, it’s all about 1) lighting, and 2) minimizing clutter. I love my string lights – they’re a bit teenager-y, for sure, but whatever. I was a teenager once, and I love how they cast the perfect amount of warm light to read a book by. I also put a couple of pretty storage baskets with covers in the corner, so if I have clothing laying around that I don’t feel like dealing with at the moment, I can throw it in the baskets to be folded later.

Heirloom Crochet Quilt Set

Perfecting the Master Bedroom…

Q: What are your essentials for staging the perfect master bedroom?

A lightweight, breathable comforter, uncluttered nightstands, dimmable lighting, relaxing, neutral colors, and a few throw pillows and/or a blanket that speak to your particular design sensibility.

Wisteria Embroidered Grape Cushion

On Laura Ashley…

Q: We love the Heirloom Crochet White Quilt Set! It looks great on every bed. And the floral flannel sheets on cold nights can’t get any better! And we love the pop of color that comes with the Laura Ashley throw pillows and throw you have. Tell us a few things that you love about your Laura Ashley items.

The quilt is a sort of unreal find – I’ve been hunting for a vintage-y white quilt for ages, but they’re always so expensive! I love how the Heirloom quilt gives you the look of an amazing hand-me-down for a fraction of the price. The flannel sheets create the perfect sleeping temperature – they’re cozy without being stifling. The only downside is that my bed is so comfortable these days that I’m having some trouble keeping my children out of it.

Pom Pom Duck Egg Knitted Blanket
Greendale Pale Fresh Green Cushion

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