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Master the Art of Scarf Styling with These Seven Simple Techniques

When Laura and Bernard Ashley founded the company Laura Ashley in 1953, one of their inspirations was Audrey Hepburn in the film Roman Holiday. They began printing textiles and creating scarves inspired by the fashion icon. Scarves are still a go-to staple worn by modern-day fashion icons such as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. 

Tulip Scarf | Patchwork Denim Shirt

Gilly Silk Scarf

As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, we wanted to pay homage to the one fashion staple that always stays in style. So we launched two limited-edition scarves in special anniversary prints from the Laura Ashley archives – the Tulip Scarf and the Gilly Scarf

Whether you’re dressing for a casual lunch with friends or a formal event, a scarf can add a touch of elegance to your outfit. All you need are two scarves in your wardrobe. One larger than the other and in two different colourways to create endless looks. Here are our top seven favourite ways to wear a scarf:

1 – Add a pop of colour: Dress up any outfit with a bright scarf, even a T-shirt and jeans. Crafted from luxuriously soft silk, the vibrant Gilly Scarf, inspired by painted artwork in the archive, features a bold floral design with an abundance of stylised blooms, including dahlias, daffodils, and delphiniums. The larger size of the Gilly scarf makes it ideal should you want to wear it as a shawl or even a belt.

Gilly Silk Scarf | High Rise 90’s Loose Jeans

2 – Say yes to a neckerchief: Fold a scarf into a small triangle and tie it around your neck for a classic look. The Tulips Scarf is the perfect size for a chic, simple neckerchief. The gorgeous floral print on the Tulip Scarf features bold tulips and daffodils in a delightfully fresh palette. The 1990s gouache-painted design, inspired by a piece of painted artwork found in the Laura Ashley archive, offers a delightfully fresh take on a classic scarf print

Tulip Scarf | Patchwork Denim Shirt

3 -Try the classic loop: This is the most common and easiest way to wear a scarf. Simply fold the scarf in half, place it around the back of your neck with both ends in front and pull the loose ends through the loop. This technique can give extra style points to any outfit on any occasion.

Gilly Silk Scarf

4 – Create a top knot: Scarves are a must-have fashion accessory that you can wear in countless ways. Dress up or down any outfit by tying a scarf around your ponytail or top knot for a playful look. This works especially well with silk scarves. 

Gilly Silk Scarf

5 – Wear a scarf shawl: Drape a scarf over your shoulders and let it hang down your back for a chic and elegant look. This is an ideal style when you need an extra layer as the weather turns chillier and works just as well when you need a light layer when the summer sun goes down.

Gilly Silk Scarf | High Rise 90’s Loose Jeans

6 – Look chic in a headband: Fold a scarf into a narrow band and tie it around your head like a headband. Brightly coloured scarves add interest or a pop of colour to your outfit. 

Tulip Scarf | Patchwork Denim Shirt | High Rise 90’s Loose Jeans

7 – Pack a scarf when traveling: Scarves are so versatile, which makes them the ideal space-saving accessory to take on any vacation. Tie a scarf around your wrist like a bracelet for a fun accessory. This works exceptionally well with lightweight scarves like the Gilly. Add pizzaz to your bag. Simply tie a scarf around the handle of your purse or tote to add colour. Or create a unique fashion look with a belted scarf by tying a scarf around your waist and using it as a chic belt.

Gilly Silk Scarf | Floral Trucker Jacket

A scarf can add colour, texture, and personality to your outfit and is the timeless accessory every chic wardrobe needs. So consider reaching for a scarf and trying one of these seven stylish ways to wear it.

Gilly Silk Scarf

The next time you are wearing a scarf, tag us at @lauraashleyusa or use the hashtag #lauraashleyusa. If you have other favourite ways to wear a scarf, let us know by commenting below.

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