Home Away from Home


August is just around the corner which means back to school for University students or the beginning of a new journey for eager freshmen! This is an exciting time to refresh your style and make your mark on that bland dorm room. Let us help you add that personal touch to remind you of home on all those late nights studying. Below are a few tips on how to take your dorm room to the next level.

It all starts with the bedding!

In an 8 foot by 10 foot room shared by two people, the main focus will be on your bedding. Coordinate with your roommate and choose a color scheme that relates to both of your personalities. If you both prefer bold and vibrant prints, try our Summer Palace Cotton Bedset or Geranium Pale Topaz Bedset.

Summer Palace Cotton Bedset
Geranium Pale Topaz Bedset

Or if you prefer a more subtle color, choose our Felicity Soft Grey Quilt Set.

5. LA Felicity Quilt (Soft Grey) 2500x2500
Felicity Soft Grey Quilt Set

Accentuate your comforter with sheets, cushions, and throws. Our soft flannel sheets, like the Bristol Paisley, add a fun, floral touch to your bedding mix.

Along with your normal pillows, decorative cushions will make your bed stand out. Whether studying or watching a movie, our velvet Nigella cushions offer a variety of colors to complement your dorm décor.

Nigella Cushions

Throws are an essential on any college check list. Whether it’s curling up to read a book or hanging out with friends in the common room, keep cosy and accent your room with throws like our Lemington Polka Dot Seaspray Throw or the Logan Berry Throw.

Lemington Polka Dot Seaspray Throw | Logan Berry Throw

Storage and organization

Time management is important when it comes to your classwork. Keep organized with our Parma Violets Weekly Planner and the Parma Violets Chunky Notebook.

Parma Violets Chunky Notebook | Parma Violets Weekly Planner

Use storage boxes and bins to keep your room organized and clean. We suggest our Grace Floral or Willow Leaf set of storage boxes to tidy notes and homework.

Storage boxes
Grace Floral | Willow Leaf Storage Boxes

Making connections

Now that you’ve made your room the preferred hangout in the dorm, you’ll need some stylish mugs to host your guests. Our Floral Heritage Ribbed Mug is the perfect size to cheers to new friends!

Floral Heritage Mug

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