Sweet Dreams: Tips For a Good Night’s Rest


Do you lie awake at night wondering why you can’t drift off into a sweet somber? With a few simple modifications to your nightly routine you can see vast improvements in your daily life. A good night’s rest is incredibly important for your well-being, so we’ve compiled a list of top tips to help you sleep soundly. Shown above is the Bracken Leaf Comforter Set, a favourite of ours. Follow along as we drift into dreamland…



Geranium Pale Topaz Bedset


Eat well and exercise often

A good night’s sleep is supported by eating well and exercising. Rather than hibernate, we encourage you to hop out of those pj’s this winter and start moving. Not only is exercising and having a healthy diet beneficial for a pleasing night’s rest, it improves your overall health. Now you will have more energy throughout the day and feel well rested.



Be comfortable

A great piece of advice for catching some zzzz’s is to make sure you’re completely comfortable. We recommend investing in a quality mattress, trying a new pillow, or adding crisp new sheets to your bedding. Being at ease is key for nodding off into a somber slumber.


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A busy day makes for a busy mind. An herbal tea, such as lavender or camomile, works well to sooth your mind before bedtime. Running a bath is a fresh, calming way to end the day. Crawl into bed straight after, read a chapter of your book and you’ll be fast asleep in no time!


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Make your room inviting

Maybe your bedroom decor isn’t the relaxing abode you need it to be. Why not give it a complete refresh? Invest in new bedlinen to inject colour into your room. Finishing touches can help brighten a room, like a quirky lamp and fresh of flowers. Get rid of the clutter with our range of storage boxes, and focus on making your bedroom a tranquil space!


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Find the right mattress for you

Sleeping well is also dependent on how comfy your mattress is. When you’re having a lie-in does your mattress feel weak, or sink down in the middle? That’s a good indication it’s time for an upgrade! We recommend selecting a super comfortable, and stylish, mattress from Sleepy’s. From plush to pillowtop, and firm, Sleepy’s and Laura Ashley have joined together to bring you your most delightful sleep yet.



There you have it, our top tips for having a good night’s rest! Now is as great a time as any to get your room comfortable and inviting. We’re feeling sleepy already! Now, where’s our pillow?


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